Biggest Factor in Used Car Turn Rate

Travis Williams

What is the biggest factor in your used car turn rate?

Is it recon, price, marketing, the right inventory, or what? It's a mixture of all but what is the biggest factor for turn rate for your store?

Martins Ville

Missing titles and lien releases suck! New units are posted online right away. Takes 3-7 days before recon, wash, website pics are taken. I waited 2 months recently for a title.

Chris K Leslie

I would think pricing strategies would be a huge turn rate factor. Most cars I see sell after day 32 at about 92% of market. If pricing started more aggressive could it affect turn? 

Dan ElDoueihi

For us it would be pricing the car right and posting it Friday afternoon.  Posting a car on Friday somehow helps us sells cars much quicker and faster as Saturday is our busiest day.  Overall if the vehicle hasn't sold in the first 2 weeks it's most likely its going to take more than 30 days to sell.  I think pricing, timing, photos, and vehicle readiness are the most important aspects.  We do not post vehicles unless they are 100% ready.  As a rule we do not like to have customers come in to see a dirty vehicle, or one where we do not have a marketable title.  It seems unprofessional as your customer hates car shopping and they are most likely taking valuable time out of their day to do something they hate.  We keep things simple, where what the customer sees is what they are going to get.  Full photos of the vehicle inside and out with the same photo templates to all vehicles so they know we aren't hiding any important details.  Biggest thing is make sure your vehicle is clean.  Customers hate it when they come in to a car and find some hidden mess.  This has happened to us all and the biggest thing we can do is minimize that. 

Bart Wilson

How big factor is recon?  Are you seeing gains reducing time to lot?

Dan ElDoueihi

Recon is the largest factor.  When a customer comes to see a vehicle, the first thing is the first impression.  First impression = good recon.  If they see a clean car that can shock in appearance, a lot of times they overlook the other stuff they don't like.  

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