Build Sheet Access

Joe Perri

Being a used car dealer finding options and equipment to ensure correct vehicle value is a very big struggle when buying or taking in trades. Any easy ways (instead of a wasting time) to get the build sheet info for proper book out of a car?

Sam Salem

Well there are a handful of them  on the internet ( is great for Porsche's, Mercedes, BMW, CJDR. Here is a better one for CJDR  ( Here is one for Ford/Lincoln/Mercury lol

***Utilize Motor Trends Spec Sheet (i.e google "2012 Challenger Motortrend then find spec sheet with optional equipment cost)" per vehicle to correlate and obtain official MSRP per option**

Looking for a Chevrolet site and a Rover/Jaguar site if anyone has stumbled across em''

Mark Rask

This could be a big help

This is a great question because it always seems to be a problem, thanks for sharing the great info, Sam!

Joe Perri

I'll check out the links you provided, and I am aware of the motor trend trick, its a shame there isn't an easier more time efficient way. Imagine the auction....

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