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Brandon M

Hello all,

I've been contemplating the buy here pay here business model. Since I own most of my cars out right I was thinking about putting GPS units on the less expensive ones with a $500 down sign. Any suggestions for anybody thinking about getting in to this business model?   

Sam Salem

Depends are you taking aged inventory and trying to jumpstart a sale? 

Brandon M

@Sam Salem Pretty much. That and the cash flow from monthly payments would be nice during the slow periods.

Mark Rask

gps would prob be good

Jacqueling Quintanilla

It will be good.

Well I am one of the used car dealers in Houston, TX and providing Buy Here Pay Here In House Financing facility with 12+ easy options.

Chris Travis

You can get some cheap TVs to put in the suvs/vans too for 90 or under. Probably even better if you buy them in bulk. I wasn't at a buy here pay here but I had a sales person who would throw one in to get the deal done and he told me he got them like 60 a piece. That fits what those customers are looking for a lot of the time.

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