Can private buyers post in this forums?

Adam Ben
Hello, I'm just a private buyer looking for a used car, I'm a foreigner and trying to understand the market in the US. (I live in the US) Am I allowed to ask questions here or the forum is exclusive to car dealerships? Thanks
Robert Karbaum
Adam, I for one would love if more customers came here to ask questions. From my perspective you are more than welcome to post here. What can we help you with?
Adam Ben
Thanks a lot Robert, this is really kind. I do have several questions actually... I'll keep posting whenever I remember something new. Let's start with this: How long would a used car typically stay at the dealership lot before getting sold. This definitely depends but what is there a general rule? Do convertible prices go up during the summer or is it a myth? Which used cars usually make more profit when selling, the ones from auctions or the trade-ins?
Robert Karbaum
No problem Adam, The goal is to sell a used car as fast as possible. Every day a vehicle is sitting on a dealership lot, costs money in interest. Someone had to pay for it, and the money used has interest like anywhere else. So, sometimes a vehicle can be on a lot for 2 years, or 2 hours. All depends. So no rule really, just depends on the quality of the dealership. I wouldn't say convertible prices go up in the summer, but they definitely go down in the winter. Harder to sell a vehicle that you can't enjoy when you drive it off the lot. So if you are looking for a "deal" on a convertible, shop for one during a snow storm. Generally trade-ins make more profit. Simply math really. A trade-in has one person bidding on it, the dealer. At an auction, who knows how many people are bidding on that one vehicle. Drives the price up.

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