car gurus again

Tony Ferrigno

Sorry if this has been brought up recently but I'm on my newest fight with cargurus.  I am curious if anyone else is dealing with this yet.  Looks like they are going to a pay per lead platform.   I guess from a numbers stand point my rate is going to double.  Keep in mind it nearly doubled last year and now were at a outrageous number.  I curious what everyone else is doing out there.  Is there anyone who's cancelling and if so what you doing in place of cargurus.  

Aimee Rogers

We dropped Cargurus over a year ago when they doubled the price and went back to the free platform.  At the end of February, I asked that they completely remove our inventory from their website.  It hasn't affected our lead volume or the sold rate at all. We added more to Paid Search, Social Media, and spiffs for referrals.  

Randi DeSantis

We've never used Cargurus. I have never been impressed with the way they try to sucker you into their product. We have done just fine with and AutoTrader without them. 

Martins Ville

Carfax & Cargurus have great leads, it's more that dealers are not engaging those leads efficiently, and that really goes to say with most lead sources. I've been out of the car business over a year now and still send inquiries and get canned responses. Which leads me to believe that sales staff still suffer from bad management. Here's a tip that's going to make some of you guys a fortune. Start using to reply to your leads, and discover a real engagement tool that most car dealers haven't a clue even exists. You're welcome.

Vanser Lam

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