Tony Ferrigno

Ok I have read few things on here about cargurus and I am just looking for any good advice.   I have been with them for several years now and I feel like we have had good results with the company from a sales stand point it seems. My ratings are perfect with them as well.  I will say my rep is one of the worst I have ever had with any company ever and I have received in my opinion terrible customer service when i have a problem.  Well to top that off I am noticing that every time I start to add options to my cars and trucks that are features that should add value well, in many cases its making the car a worse value.  How this is possible is beyond me.  On top of that I just got the email from my rep that I don't like letting me know its renewal time and we have a special surprise for you.  ANOTHER PRICE INCREASE!!!!  I told her I would talk to her next week.  With that being said, I do feel we do a solid job with our website and we are on cars and autotrader as well and receive strong traffic.  As far as I am concerned none of it really makes sense.  I use vauto and I think something maybe over priced and on it says its a great deal on cargurus. I have cars that don't exist and in many cases are cars you cant shop and on autotrader and vauto says its a great deal. But customers call and get mad at you act like your ripping them off because cargurus told them its a bad deal.  So with this said what is everyone doing.  I can't be the only person dealing with this.  Is there anyone out there getting rid of them? Is there a better place to be spending this money?  Any thoughts.  I'm just unsure how much of an effect it will have by canceling them.  All these vendors make you think that you  have to have them or  you will go out of business and that's just not true.  

Derrick Woolfson

In my last group, we got rid of them and spent a 1/4 of the money on AdWords for our own site, and not only did we save money. But we made more money on the units we were selling! Their "value" system did not always make sense (as you pointed out), it would say it was a bad deal, but it was not, not to mention it sold! I also am not a fan of the conquesting Ads on your VDP's (if they still do that?). If I am spending the money to promote my inventory, why would I want another dealer to be able to promote their inventory on my VDP listing? 

Suzanne  Laine

Our rep is terrible, too.  Rude and obnoxious.  I believe the value of their service has decreased since allowing out-of-state "free shipping" listings to take precedence over local listings, in the default search.  Just my 2 cents worth.

Tony Ferrigno

This just gets better.  There a shady organization.  My rep basically doesn’t have the guts to tell me over the phone that the price is going to almost double.  She has to email it to me would not tell me per our phone conversation.  Now she claims if I i do a o e year contract she would save me money which is fine I have been with them for years so I am ok with that if it saves me money.  I have been promised a resolution by Friday and now Friday has come and gone.  This is just the business practices that turn me off 100 percent.  Carfax is the same way.  What happened to loyalty and customer satisfaction.  If we did stuff like this to our customers you would have the 6 o’clock news at the dealership.  

Suzanne  Laine

I agree 100%.  I wonder who would be the person to complain to there?  And if it would do any good.

Tony Ferrigno

Good question?  Hard to tell I just bashed them on the survey they sent me curious to see if I get anyone’s attention.  They asked me how much I would be will to pay for these new services there working on.  Told them 43% price increase that shit should be free.  By the way I was promised that on Friday that we would get the price worked out well now Monday has come and gone and I haven’t heard anything from anyone.  I’m just ready to have some fun now we’re beyond the annoyed stages.

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