Cargurus unfair Price increase %100

Matteo Batelli

Hi Folks,

Received an e-mail from Cargurus for price change beginning on Sep 1st. We are a small independent dealership and holding 60 car inventory. They increase the price %100 what we pay right now.

Did anyone faced same issue ?

Tim Scoutelas

Not the first time I've heard this Matteo.  Consider taking that spend and investing in SEO for your own site.  It's way more valuable than anything else on the web today.  

Dan ElDoueihi

CarGurus has been doing this since day 1. I take it this is your first renewal.  Tell them to shove the renewal on their rear end and they will contact you repeatedly every week with a lower price.  Also don't forget that there are other options. Carfax,, autotrader, truecar, offerup, letgo, Facebook marketplace, craigslist,etc.  Diversify your sources so you're never forced to one source.  I have been with CarGurus for 5 years and they just hit me with an outrageous renewal.  I told them to go screw and I ended up getting a $21 increase at the end of the year.  Keep in mind Autotrader was number 1 in 2009 and they tried the same games CarGurus tried and that nearly destroyed them. CarGurus is trying the same game with a variety of useless products.  Tell them to go screw and watch them crawling back.  DO NOT agree to the initial terms, they will always come back with lower rates. You are the customer and they have shareholders.  If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

Matteo Batelli

This is our 5th renewal and they were doing the same every time. This time they came up with %100 increase with is unethical. We advertise everywhere but none of the providers did that much increase. Either they will lose us or we will continue with no price increase. We are ready to cancel. 

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