Cars listed for 1$ and it's effect on Pricing Tools...

Steve Momot

Has anyone noticed the trend of people listing cars for 1$, 0$, or under the down/monthly payment?  It's an obvious attempt to throw off the software that's designed to help people find the "Best Price" but is anyone doing anything about it?  I do see that Cargurus puts a red (?) over where the price evaluation would be but heck and upon clicking through they say that the deal "Appears too good to be true", but at what rate are these ads getting kicked?

I guess the bigger question is: If all these pricing tools use other listings on the internet as one of their metrics, do these ads throw off the results?  Or, are there just soo many cars that a few priced like that don't change anything?  

Sensei Malakay

I have created a platform similar to How we list cars is determined by a series of factors.  We look at your IP address first.  Our listing is determined as follows: 1. How relevant is the car listed in the search results. 2. The distance between the location of your IP address and the car dealer selling the car. 3. The quality of the listing. i.e. - Does it have a description, images, contact information...

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