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Darrell Fleming
Here is a link to watch a 4 minute presentation on what CARgigi services will do to help to sell more of your Pre-owned inventory along with information on how we post your vehicles. CARgigi is a full service online, exclusive lead generating company that professionally publishes & markets your entire Pre-owned inventory on Craigslist, and Backpage. We currently are an Approved Vendor for the Penske Automotive Group, 200 AutoNation Dealers, the Van Tuyl Group, Sonic Automotive, the Alexander Automotive Group, Galpin Ford (Largest Ford Dealership), Longo Toyota, Planet Dealerships, and over 3100 Dealerships Nationwide with a 90% Retention Rate. Galpin Ford has quoted us as being “Dollar for Dollar, the best marketing tool they use.” AutoNation has increased the number of dealerships from 20 to now include all of their dealerships with us since we had started outperforming Autotrader! • Inside the porting we add custom banners with different messages targeting what the dealer tells us: Incentives, a sale, a giveaway, etc. We link the banners to anything you want: home page, inventory page (used, or certified). • We add custom links to the top of your banner, i.e. “Click here for our entire pre-owned inventory, Trade in Appraisal Tab, or Quick Application.” • We add an email form to avoid spam from Craig’s List users. We tend to get pretty high qualified leads from these. • Over 25 different templates are used and mixed. We like to make the ads look different and provide Craig’s List customers with a good experience. Everything is text in the ad making it extremely searchable. Our full service program provides you with the ability for us to publish your entire pre-owned inventory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for only $399.00 dollars a month, Full service, no set up fees, no contracts on a month to month basis! We also offer additional areas on Craigslist for $299 per market. Remember, “to be successful the tough think of ways to make money and the competition just tries to keep the doors open.” Please either call or email me so I can get you the simple agreement to get you up live and posting. Sincerely, Darrell Fleming Sr.Account Executive Tel: (888) 677-2820 ext.4510 Direct: (949) 680-4510 Cell: (949) 606-3400 Fax: (949) 425-3676 877-530-5750
Mark Potter
I was one of the 10% that CarGIGI didn't retain. We had some issues related specifically to how my inventories were setup, and to no real fault of CarGIGI, except they told me they could work with it and would have all of my vehicles online. It was a persistent issue that after a few months was never resolved and I cancelled my accounts. Their communication wasn't very good, and it took a lot of followup on my part to try to get issues resolved. If you have a simple setup - one store, one feed, etc - their system works OK. However - the final 3 months I was with CarGIGI - July - September of 2010 - I got 200 e-mail leads. The first 3 months of this year (The slow cold winter months here in MN) - I got 1170 using eBiz' automated CraigsList tool (done by DevVenture I believe) - which is a similar product to CarGIGI, for less money per month. Same mix of stores using CraigsList. (Most of the stores are seeing 15,000 - 20,000 inventory views per month) Some of the reason behind these different numbers was CG's failure to ever get all of my inventory listed correctly, but not all. I am only referencing e-mail leads is that it's an easy apples-apples comparison number. The other big drawback to using CarGIGI is that the vehicles link back to their servers for lead generation. With eBiz they link back to my website - giving access to my full inventory, new and used, PLUS my full branding \ marketing messages. CraigsList is now consistently my #2 referrer behind Google organic on all of my websites. In addition CG's reporting was rather cumbersome - you have to use a windows only app (I'm on a Mac) to dig through the data to decipher how many inventory views and click-throughs you're getting. You get a daily e-mail "marketing report" but it consists of the same message with a link to open the program installed on your desktop. So - CarGIGI has some big names, and their product is OK, certainly better than NOT being on CraigsList, but there are better options out there.
Jim Bell
@Mark- We use Ebiz also and really like it. I don't post everything and just pick and choose once a week and post away.
Bryan Armstrong
Mark, Thanks for the info. I'm going to check them out. I had good luck with C.G. but this definitely sounds worth checking out! BA
Mark Potter
@Jim what made you decide not to post everything? @Bryan if you're already on eBiz - it's a great setup. Your vehicles are on CL without having to do anything, the leads are reported back through eBiz' analytics panel, and the links back to your website are pretty valuable: Just in April alone *one* of my stores (the previous numbers were across 6 stores) has had 271 clicks back to their own website from CL, with 1,123 pageviews.
Mark Potter
So you're using their post to CraigsList tool from the inventory control panel, I assume? They also have an automated service available similar to CarGIGI - posting a chunk of your inventory every day. It's worth checking out, but I do believe Manual is the best way to go. It can just be a pain to allocate enough resources to do that with a lot of inventory across many stores.

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