CRM? Inventory Management

Shannon Parrett
We currently are using Auto Soft but we have not been to happy with our feed getting online. Plus its super slow, sometimes freezes. I'm not looking for something super expensive. Any help would be great.
Lauren Moses
Shannon, What brands do you sell?
Dennis Wagner
Shannon, What exactly do you want your CRM to do. There are many many out there, but only a few offer all of the bells and whistles. When speaking CRM, you usually get what you pay for or end up overpaying in most cases. I would be happy to make some suggestions if you let me know what you need it to do. Most CRM's are very limited.
James Jalali
Shannon, I have been researching on CRM for a Mid size dealer, something practical. I got demo on at least 10 different CRM and I tried few CRM, I have been using Webcontrol from Dominion, it is solid, simple and user friendly. Price is mid range.
Shawn Ryder
Shannon we have recently partnered with AutoSoft to offer automated marketing and have a contact manager - what are you looking for in the platform?
mark rask
Happy with liquid motors for inventory feed

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