Dealership asks for car photo

Natalie B
Hi everyone! I bought a used car from a dealership 2 weeks ago, and today they called me and asked me to stop by so that they can take pictures of the car o_O I told them I can just snap some pics and email them to their email, but they insists on me coming there in person. What can be the reason for that? Also, can it affect me getting the car title? They haven't given it to me, just said it will arrive from DMV in a few weeks.
Lauren Moses
Natalie, I'm not sure. I know that lots of dealerships like to take photos of the customers with their new vehicle they have purchased. We try to do ours before you leave the dealership though. It should by NO mean keep you from getting the title. On our used vehicles, we have all of the titles so if it's paid for in cash then you get the title as soon as you pay.
Vincent R
Only other reason I can think of is for insurance.
Dustin Lyons
My guess would be that they somehow sold you the vehicle before the state safety/IM inspection had been done and so they need you to bring the vehicle back in so they can quickly run the tests. Sometimes this happens especially on cars that were sold shortly after they arrived at the dealership, and at dealerships that have a lot of vehicle inventory and turnover. Unfortunately a lot of times salespeople or dealers may feel embarrassed about having that slip through the cracks or they think it might affect your satisfaction or give you second thoughts about your purchase and so they tell you they need to see the vehicle for a picture or a VIN inspection to make sure the VIN is correct, or some other excuse. They should just let you know that the vehicle was so good and it sold so fast they weren't able to get the inspection done before you bought it and they are sure everything is ok and so along with bringing it in for the inspection they will also give you a free detail or something like that. Honesty goes along way and sometimes people try to cover things up. Of course that may not be the case with your vehicle, but that would be my best guess as to why they need you to actually bring the vehicle in. So if that is what is going on then yes it could affect your ability to get the title because usually the state won't allow the vehicle to be licensed until the inspection is complete. So my advice would be to take it in, watch them "take the picture" and know that they may be doing more with the vehicle especially if they take it back into the shop. If you feel nervous about it at all then you could take it to an independent shop and have it reinspected to make sure that they didn't just rush it through and pass it because it was already sold and you were innocently waiting in the lounge thinking they were only taking pictures.
Robert Karbaum
I would argue that they just want a picture of you, your vehicle and your salesperson in front of the dealership. It's PR material, we LOVE customer delivery photographs.
Dustin Lyons
Robert, let's hope that is the reason! And yes I agree delivery photos are fantastic!

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