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Bill Simmons
I have had some recent success selling classic cars on Ebay. These were specialty cars that were professionally restored at my dealership and we felt Ebay would be the best place to advertisie them on a national level. We were right. All 3 sold in just a few weeks. We also have started an Ebay store selling parts and accessories that is starting off quite nicely. So, the idea occurred to me that I should possibly list all of my used cars and trucks. I am looking for advice on which one of their listing plans I should use. They have several different methods and the fees to list the vehicle and what they charge for final value fees vary greatly. Please share any advice and success stories that you may have. Thanks!!
Bryant Gibby
We have tried some of our unique trade-ins on ebay and haven't had much success at all. They are by no means specialty cars but they are cars that we don't typically have being a Ford franchise. We didn't have a lot of experience selling on Ebay and consequently had pretty bad results. I considered putting my entire used inventory on Ebay but decided not to due to the lack of success we had had. I don't think people are looking for Ford's, Chevy's, and Dodge's on Ebay (and if they are, they probably won't pay all the money). I also think it is a lot of work for a car deal that will probably gross quite a bit less money. I could be wrong though! What did you do to have so much success on Ebay? Do you think it was due to the kind of cars that you were listing?

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