Hanging Price Tags in Used Cars Sitting on the Lot

Larry Doremus Jr.
First and foremost, you need to look at your state's laws. Some states do not allow you to display one price online and another at your physical rooftop. This practice could land you in court.
James Klaus
We put the prices online, print, mail and sticker the vehicles on the lot. In my opinion customers like the idea of seeing the price on the windshield or hang tag. It is transparent, it also keeps away the guy wanting to hold a little extra gross that may fib on the price. Long story short I am in favor.
Ed Small
Thanks for your imput Larry, I'm talking about putting the same price on the hang tags that we advertise on the internet sites.
Shannon Hammons
I'm for it. It makes you transparent, as long as your proce is the same.
Shannon Hammons
I meant price. Sorry for the typo. But if we don't give the customer the price when they can research it so easily it makes it look like we are hiding something.
Mike Elliott
Ed, these gentlemen have given you excellent advice. Did you find out if it's legal in your state to do this?

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