Home Delivery Vehicle sale

Matteo Batelli

I am curious how this home delivery service works ? How to handle paperwork and other signing stuff and delivery to customer door step ? 

Sam Salem

Through apps like docusign as well as plenty of other "look-a-like" sites. Ultimatley the biggest thing is making sure the customer's expectations are met when the vehicle arrives in front of them. Otherwise a paper trail is a paper trail so long as you have a well documented deal (like normal) everyone should be fine.  Like i said the only problem to arise will be if the customer is let down....one bad review and your out of state business is done which is unfortunate considering we're headed into a primarily ecommerce world very soon here. We do about 60% of our sales out of state, sucks from a trade in perspective but obviously we hold gross better & flip units quicker with the more eyes we have on them. 

Matteo Batelli

Thanks for the informative response Sam. Do you use docusign for out-of-state deals ? We have %60 percent of our business is same as yours. Do you send the paperwork by mail to get hard ink with return label or you only use electronic signature platform like docusign or similar ones ? I am just worry about we may need hard ink signature from the buyers. If i am wrong correct me on here. 

Sam Salem

Most of the time the vendors/lenders we're working with will provide us with the docusigned version of the paperwork they need. Other than that we have a bill of sale template created from excel and uploaded into docusign where we can change out customer name, year, make model, ect.   A docusign is just as credible as hard ink if not more. You still have to do your due diligence in regards to the customer (making sure to get i.d., copies of the titles to match, ect. Does that help reassure you? Otherwise yes for a brief moment we were spending quite a bit of money & time overnighting docs, and exchanging tracking numbers.  Ultimately I always felt more unsure about overnighting documents only to hope that there was something inside the envelope. It's more efficient & secure going through docusign, at least from our perspective. 

Sam Salem

Also in regards to taking in trades I highly recommend a company called Lemon Squad, they do a phenomenal job with onsite inspections making them very convenient for your customers, and they're not expensive at all for what they bring to the table. 

Matteo Batelli

Great information thank you. We were using Docusign for wholesale or out of state transactions. I agree with you all the way its easier and cost effective. I still think that we need hard ink for some papers such as Buyers Orders, Buyers Guide and Warranty information, Title affidavit for out of state for registration. Did you have any problems before for electronic signatures ?

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