Home Delivery Vehicle sale

Matteo Batelli

I am curious how this home delivery service works ? How to handle paperwork and other signing stuff and delivery to customer door step ? 

Sam Salem

Never, as far as the few instances that'll need hard ink; Those situations don't arise enough to make our investment into docusign any less valuable. 

Sam Salem

Well state documentation is a different situation, we have to get hard ink. Any documents that cant be generated in a doc/excel file (title, some affidavits, ect) you'll need hard ink. But any contracts/agreements or documents that are generated specifically for that deal, we use docusign.  Their entire company essentially dedicated to e-signing documents so they offer protection there. If I could get a title signed edoc I would lol, only a matter of time!

Heather Matos

My question for the people using DocuSign are you only doing this for cash deals? Or are you uploading contracts to DocuSign ? If you are doing contracts thru DocuSign have you had any issues with your lenders accepting the electronic signatures? Thank you

Sam Salem

We have lenders that provide their own docusign when asked, for others (generally speaking) they'll accept documents that have been created by us via docusign as well.


*I should mention when I say "created", I mean simply uploaded into docusign once the lender provides. 

Joe Henry

My last lease (just a few months ago) was done without ever setting foot on the tarmac. Deal was done over the internet (I'm in FL and dealer was in NC), contract copy was emailed and my attorney and I approved. Dealer called and said a local notary would call me and come by for signatures for all paperwork and pick up my certified check. When that was done dealer called and said their truck would drop off my car in two days.

No surprises at all, car arrived to my front door with everything in tact.

As one of the Silicon Valley car venders that advertises on TV constantly (but looses millions a year, year after year) says: "This is the way car buying should be"     

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