How has the VDP evolved?

Bart Wilson

With all of the technology available to us today, how has the vehicle details page evolved?  Is it enough to just be transparent and provide photos, or are you seeing that there are opportunities to step up the online merchandising of your inventory?

Chris K Leslie

I think vdp’s are out of control. There is so much information on these pages that it gets confusing. 

Martin  Saavedra JR

I agree. The consumer is just slammed with so many options other than actually seeing the car. Also VDP are limited in sharing exactly what other vehicles the consumer might actually be considering. Without that knowledge BDCs are limited in creating a better digital retail experience. 

Martins Ville

I figured out how to fix this conundrum a while back.We moved to a clever boutique website company with only 2 CTA's on SRP & VDP  vs. previous hotshot website company which had 12-18 CTA on the VDP. It's like night and day & we tripled website leads and tripled website sales, and closed 2018 at a 16% close ratio. Note, when you respond with your better price (whatever that is and trust me, people want this)  include a conversational marketing link to start a chat immediately inside the email or text, such as Drift or Intercom, Messenger, Crisp, Sendbird, Freshchat, etc.

It's simple. Big pictures, essential info, a few CTA's, increase curiosity.  Customers assume if the vehicle is on your website it's available, so careful what buttons you do use. 

Mark Rask

We are going to simplify our vdp pages 

Derrick Woolfson

I think the bottom line is that less is more. Customers want the information they are requesting, and nothing more. So when we have more than eight different CTA's on the VDP it becomes overwhelming. There is nothing worse than having more than three pop-ups hit you while you're trying to look at the pictures. Especially on mobile where it is not formatted correctly. 

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