Amanda Gordon

To my more intimate of setting dealers aka Independents, who does your social? What we're doing is currently working so well that we are growing exponentially and need to switch gears before the bubble bursts!

Brandon Sloan

We take of ours our self.  I know Edmunds has a product.  I googled it yesterday and there are a couple of other companies that will list the inventory too.  I have not reached out to any of them for price quotes yet.  I am sure it will vary my market .

Link- https://www.facebook.com/business/help/562933087372962

Amanda Gordon

Thank you for the infor Brandon.

Joe Perri

I usually take care of ours we are a 5 man crew so I usually post early mornings or at night using Instagram and Facebook. I also have all notifications going to my phone as well though to manage any messages whenever I am up running around. The reality is that whoever manages it needs to make it a priority or it will never be kept up.

John Colascione

I noticed that so many dealers leave their social pages abandoned and empty looking. I do not know why they do this, it looks horrible. In my opinion, dealers need to have at the very least, a Facebook and Twitter page, and it is not so difficult to update it at least once per month with some sort of meaningful update either about the dealership itself, or the industry. But to have pages, that are not at least designed and setup, and leave them empty and bare looks bad. Better off not even having the pages at all.

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