In-House Wrecker/Rollback for "Dealership Needs Only"?

Zack Barnett

Hey guys -

So obviously I am a little fish in a big pond, but I've recently acquired a 26' rollback truck through a trade.

Indeed, having a rollback this size could be super beneficial for retrieving vehicles from auction or from private parties. I do not want to offer any type of wrecker/tow service to the general public. I am at least 90 miles away from the nearest auction, so transporting can be a bit of a pain otherwise - especially non-runners.

Do any of you small/medium size dealerships have your own flatbed/vehicle transport rig? If so, can you share some of your experiences?


Craig Ness

We have a flatbed and towtruck and do towing service for customers and other shops. However, even though I have the equipment I use central dispatch for deliveries. They're great for short runs however the shipping system has become so efficient it's not feasible to go long hauls.


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