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Brandon Reeves
Myself and my two partners own a Hyundai store as well as a small used car store. The used car store is getting a lot of internet leads. The problem is that my sales reps just simply do not have the skills to convert these to appointments and then to sales. I am trying to decide if I should simply bring in a non car "geek" that is paid hourly and then bonused per appointments that show? We are a very small used car store doing about 40 retail per month. I truly believe that we are missing another 20 deals per month becuase of this issue. I would love some feedback on this issue. Thanks for the help.
Jeff Laethem
Yes bdc appointment setter for sure. You should also pay the sales people on closing ratio and f&i vs front end gross. Lets face it the people came in because of a good appointment and good price on the internet.
Carl Bauer
Before bringing in a non car 'geek', I would recommend changing their script. Break it down to 2 simple questions. First, 'Mr. Customer, what are you trying to accomplish?' (This will blow their mind as most car dealers never want to listen, they are just trying to set appointments) Second, 'Mr. Customer, how would you like the process to work?' (This will make them fall off their chair as most dealers want to put customers in their process and never consider what customers needs are or where they are in the buying process) Let me know how it goes!! Happy New Year....
Bryan Armstrong
Yes Customer Service Reps to facilitate the experience with some good scripting and follow-up skills. Sales people will try to over-sell or qualify on the phone.
Chris Costner
I will say if sales agents are responsible for both showroom traffic and digital traffic, it isn't going to work. Many sales agents have the mentality that unless the customer is standing in the showroom it isn't a solid opportunity. Brandon I too believe you are missing deals. Having a full time BDC/Internet staff that is trained to follow a "call guide" to sell the appointment rather than the vehicle will give immediate results. Zero value can or will be built in the vehicle over telephone or email. There are some great call guides available to help pace the customer, keep on track with the phone call, and also can be tailored to build value in the dealership so the customer has a solid idea on what to expect when they arrive. I am a big fan of a payplan concentrating on "shows" rather than "solds." More traffic, more opportunity as we all know. Sales managers should treat these leads as a customer standing in the showroom too. Keep everyone in the loop and review daily with the BDC/Internet staff along with sales managers.
Jim Bell
I am with Chris. I would say that your salespeople have to adjust to be a digital dealership and know the way of the future. They have to know how to handle that online customer since probably 85% of your walk in traffic is generated from the internet anyway. They just need to know how to handle the leads themselves and tweak that process a little.

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