Inventory mix on FB Marketplace

Bart Wilson

What are you finding is the correct inventory for Facebook Marketplace?  Do a specific price point or age work better than others?

Chris K Leslie

We seem to get interest on all types of cars. I haven’t really found a rhyme or reason. Would be nice though if more people actually responded after their first engagement though. 

Mark Rask

We get leads on all types 

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, I agree w/ Chris - the FB Market place is doing quite well for us, and is one of the top sources for referral traffic. I am most interested to see the trends once we have six months worth of analytics to review. As for responses, that is a hit or miss - but since we have their 'name,' and are otherwise able to look at their profile, more often than not you can easily find their cellphone number. 

Bart Wilson

@Chris, sounds like what you would hear about any other lead source where you need strong follow up.  

@Derrick, how long have you been using FB Marketplace?

Mark Rask

We have been on it a year and do well with it 

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