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Sam Salem

I think it's safe to say that any UCM, GM, or Owner will I agree that successful dealership starts with successful buys. That being said, many (if not most) of the dealers I interact with are so busy whining about all these new consumer resources (i.e. Carguru & KBB); That they, in-turn, end up neglecting all metrics and resources that have been specifically made "For Dealers, By Dealers" in order to combat this new Nationalized (Global) marketplace. 

During my brief time as an independent wholesaler, I would have dealerships I did business with refuse vehicles for reasons like: "It was the wrong color" or "They had been burnt on one in the past" or my favorite "We don't do well with those here"......Never understood that mentality, but it suggests (to me)  an old school style of thinking that refuses to comprehend the vastness of our automotive retail environment. 

Long story short, this outdated style of thinking doesn't allow me the opportunity to constructively discuss buying habits like: How to use MMR to identify trends, MDS and its legitimacy in a marketplace as large as ours, MSRP vs Depreciation %,  among many more sourcing centered ideas/thoughts.

I believe that now more than ever the saying "There's an ass for every seat" proves to be the mantra of our industry (from a buying perspective). Especially when that ass doesn't even have to get up off their couch to make that buy.

Mark Rask

I somewhat agree with you but the data is so helpful

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