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Chad B.

I am a small independent selling 15-20 units a month on an inventory of around 30. Finding inventory has become increasingly difficult and time consuming. I would like to save my buyer some time and headache, and am interested in feedback on on tools such as Stockwave or BidCue. There may be others - please let me know. I've checked on this before, but as a small shop we couldn't justify the $1700/mo. or whatever it was that vAuto quoted us. Is there something more reasonable for smaller places like mine?

Chris K Leslie

Vauto has a product called Conquest. That should be the tool to check out. Not Stockwave 

Chad B.

Thanks for your reply. From what I can tell Conquest is for franchise dealers only, but I am independent.

Chris K Leslie

Boy is my face red... You are right, I screwed up my names.. anywho I;ve heard of another company called LOTPOP 

Chad B.

No worries or need for a red face - just trying to make sure I wasn't missing something. I appreciate you trying. Thanks for the reference to LotPop. That seems to be more of a consulting entity, but what I'm really looking for is tools that help aggregate vehicles being offered at wholesale, whether off-lease, off-rental, aged units from dealers, etc.

Mark Rask

you are asking from the right place 

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