Looking Forward to Jumping In!

Zack Barnett

Hey everyone!

For better or worse - I think that I have decided to make the plunge in get into the used car business. Although no stranger to selling cars, I have never had experience working at an actual automotive dealership. I'm hungry for information, and I am actively trying to read and learn everything I can about the business.

I think that having a legitimate, honest dealership business will make for a sustainable revenue stream over the long run. 
I'm looking to start small - with 6-10 vehicles that are mine. Not looking to floorplan if it can be avoided. I don't intend to offer very expensive product - my expertise is in buying specific types/brands of vehicles very cheap due to major mechanical failure, servicing them properly, and selling for cash. To this end, I will have my own small service area to ensure my product is always on point and is something I wouldn't be afraid to put my mother in and turn her loose.

I realize that with a dealership, there's much, much more involved - such as the ability to offer financing, covering overhead expenses, and a whole litany of other considerations. However - I think that long term, this would be the best plan of action. 

Thanks for all the information you all have contributed so far - I've already started digging back into the forum and absorbing as much as I can. Hopefully I can contribute as time goes on!


Tori Zinger

Wow, this is awesome! Good luck, and keep us updated on your progress and what kinds of things work and don't work for you!

Scott Larrabee

Awesome, best of luck to you!

Congrats! Good for you.

Tori Zinger

Zack, how are things going so far?

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