New Dealer with a 100 Cars in inventory ,How much should we spend on advertisement and how many cars should we expect to sell ?

Jamil The Carman
We just took over a dealer that was going down the drain .Bad management very low budget on advertisement and very weak team.We got a new website facebook and ig ,We build a good relationship with the few customer we have sold in the past 2 months and have got some good review online.We are in a very competitive market and I would like to know from the experts on here how much should I be spending on advertisement if I have 100 cars in inventory and how many cars should I expect to sell ?.It has been a little hard to penetrate into the market since we had to clean up the mess from the previous owner.. Thank you
Shawn Ryder
A couple of questions - did you change the name of the location? To distinguish from the previous owners. Also, do you know what other dealers in the area are selling? Tough to forecast if the market is strong or weak in the area. Are you pricing to be competitive in the market?
Megan Barto
Your best bet is to hire someone to help - either a local person or an agency. There's a lot you can do with Social Media, but it takes someone who knows about targeting, and your market and what you're trying to accomplish. The agencies are experts - the problem with hiring someone local is they may not know the auto industry and customer's buying behaviors. Knowing you have 100 cars in inventory helps, but what is your ASA's demographics? How much market share are you trying to snag?
Jeff Glackin
Jamil, Megan has identified the most targeted, cost effective way to get results for your store. Social media, and specifically Facebook allows you to target in market shoppers and drive them directly to the dealerships inventory. The cost per click is much better than any other form of advertising and its targeted traffic not spray and pray advertising. I would be more than happy to spend a little time with you talking through it. 937.405.3750
Jamil The Carman
Thank you guys @shawn @Megan @Jeff .Shawn ,The problem wasn't the name the problem was that they never tried to put it out there and compete ,so we still have the same name .Megan,My competitors around me are three dealers who have more cars than me and have been here for a while .
Jamil The Carman
@Chris I have closed my dealer and joined forces with my uncle but in that area the foot traffic was very high and it was total different demographic .I had a dealer of 25 car and I was selling 15-16 cars low income subprime area .It's a total different game now...

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