New Trades.….Do you want them online?

Gary Sanders
Do you list your fresh trades immediately despite they may not be inspected, serviced, detailed and live photos for the first 3-5 days or do you wait to list them when they are "front line ready"?
JD Rucker
I would put them on immediately. If the Internet Manager is proactive and organized, they should be able to "tag" each as a fresh trade and use it to their advantage. The challenge is in having someone proactive and organized enough to change each listing once they are "front line ready". Great question. Can't wait for other responses.
Arnold Tijerina
List them immediately. You can reduce your turn on those vehicles by as long as it takes you to get a car ready for the front-line. (ie. if it takes you 4 days from the trade clearing to front line, your turn time could reduce by 4 days). I would either 1) Take 1 photo from afar, maybe a 3/4 shot if the car isn't in bad shape or 2) create some type of stock TEXT image that says "NEW TRADE-IN" or something to that effect. This can then be replaced by actual pictures once the car is ready. Also, simply by having it on your website immediately, you might catch a buyer that actually ends up buying a different vehicle but were initially looking for a vehicle similar to the new trade you listed. Take all the opportunities you can get.
Gary Sanders
@0boy and @arnoldtijerina, We do list them as soon as the inventory feeds can go out. I do have a "Just Arrived" photo I created that I should use more often. I'm hoping to get some pro/con feedback from someone who does not list them ASAP....Thanks for the replies.
Arnold Tijerina
Gary, The "con" is that you don't sell them as quickly. :)

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