New Used Car Manager

Chris K Leslie

What advice would you give to a brand new used car manager? 

Morgan Hardy

I think it's important to get to know your salespeople. Learning their personalities will go a long way in being able to work deals with them day to day. Most managers don't take the time to do this. 

Chris K Leslie

Thats great advice! thanks Morgan 

Derrick Woolfson

Truly understanding their dealer's recon process - not following the process can wind up increasing turn-time, and also cause unnecessary dissension with service. Another thing to review is their inventory tools: i.e. website specials, third party lead sources, and custom comments to name a few. 

Victoria Dillabough

In our store our New Car Manager is huge to the daily events of the store. I think he's really the motivator, the implementer of ideas/sales to make our weekends busy, he's definitely the most invested with our sales team as to why we don't have appointments or why so and so isn't making calls... and he's super approachable and caring! While it's not exactly "new car" as being #2 in line it's super important he RUNS the department and has a great relationship with his people IMO

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