No haggle pricing

Sami Aqqad
I sure would love to have a no haggle pricing, I don't know if any of you guys have it or ever conceder doing it. I see more dealers going for that, I am talking on the used side. any thoughts on this.
Mark Miller
My previous dealer, a used car only dealer, did this. They priced the car based on the market value, and were always lower. They could then show the customer the market info and prove we were lower and then didn't have to haggle. They made more profit off f&i products this way as well. Customers assumed since the price of the car was lower, everything else was priced that way.
Chris K Leslie
In our world is there even such a thing as a "No Haggle Price"?
Charles Gallaer
At my old dealership we priced based on the market. We weren't "no haggle" per se since we were willing to negotiate from that price to make the deal. However, as Mark indicated, when you price based on market value, most consumers don't ask for additional discounts or price concessions. We also had the same experience with F&I products as Mark.
mark rask
I agree with charles....we changed to market pricing a while back and our vdps jumped at once
Jim West
"No Haggle Pricing" works best in a "No Haggle Culture." Dealers who use it as a "gimmick" to get them in the box and lay them out they will fail long term. If you are truly interested in a "No Haggle Pricing" culture, I would recommend you consult with Mark Rikess.

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