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Gary Sanders
Do you remember “A Time To Kill" (movie) & Matthew Mcconaughey's(Jake Burgance) speech to the jury at the end? I am not suggesting a crime; fiction or non-fiction is relative to the car business or the dealership I represent, but here is my speech to the jury. “I want to tell you a story. I'm going to ask you all to read on and I’ll tell you the story. I want you to listen to me. I want you to listen to yourselves. Go ahead; read on please. This is a story about a Used Cars Deal one sunny afternoon. I want you to picture the sales person, the customers and the used car manager. Suddenly an offer is made on a used car. The sales person jumps up, grabs the offer and takes it to the used cars manager. They drag out the offer and the used car manger tries to make a decision. Now they review the offer with public and non public pricing data. The used car manger felt this car should make “$X” gross. The sale price offered was $29500 and to make “$X” requires $30000. When they're done, after they've wasted time, they decide to take the deal. They start all the paper work and finish up the delivery. The sale person leaves the office head down with out a good job. So was it the offer of $29500 the problem or the “$X” gross that was not obtained? If you made “$X” gross, is $29500 now all the sudden ok? The sales person did a great job reviewing the features, test drive, service walk and sold the dealership on the reconditioning process. Imagine the sales person’s attitude when they get resistance from the desk about the sale price. Can you see this deal? A broken sales process. A deflated sales person. Can you this deal? I want you to picture this deal....... Now imagine you owned the car for $500 less?”
Bryant Gibby
I'm not sure I get the point. Is the post concerning buying your cars better or holding gross during the sales process? I work at a bottom line price store so I can't relate to most of the story. Our salesguys just have to follow a pretty easy sales process and sell the customer on the value and the price. So it is a win-win for the customer and the salesperson most of the time. I am the used car manager, so if you have an idea how to get my cars $500 cheaper, let me know!
Gary Sanders
Hi Bryant, Thanks for the reply. I guess to help with my point was not the last statement of owning it for less but just how we justify a sale price. Is it based on gross? Is it based on what it "should" sell for? What happens to a vehicle when it gets aged and no longer even listed for what it "should" sell for?

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