Please critique my Sales Plan and let me know what works for you

Nathaniel Hildreth


My name is Nate (I'm new here)

I am a Sales Manager for a mid-sized subprime dealership in New York State

Currently I am trying to find ways to boost my vehicle sales and get customers in the door

We are using Facebook Marketplace and The Facebook Garage Sale Groups as our main source of advertising, Along with SEO with our Website, What works for you to get people in the door or to get finance applications filled out?

Aimee Rogers

Hi Nate, 

I think you are starting in the right places!  Facebook/ Social Media is huge right now, so advertising where your customers are is important.

Just a couple things that I noticed, I would have your facebook page listed on your website.   Create a facebook pixel  ( if you don't have one already) and have it put on your website, that way you can retarget to those customers.  Your spending money on SEO and facebook ads to bring the customer to your website, you want to keep them there.  You can retarget to them to get them to convert, if they didn't the first time on the site. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, so a video is worth even more.  Create a short video 15 - 30 seconds, about your dealership.  Maybe about your finance process or about the subprime market.   If doesn't have to be fancy, you can record it with a cell phone.  Have it be someone at your dealership doing the video, someone the customer could be working with when they come in.  The videos we make with sales people actually in video with the vehicles, always have better engagement.  

Post pictures of happy customers on your facebook page or better yet see if you can get a customer to record a short video at the dealership about how easy & great you were to work with. 

Post positive reviews.    

Video walkarounds of vehicles will help too.  Show off some the features it has. 

Hope this helps!

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