Reviews run this house...

Amanda Gordon

In the New Car Sales Dept CSI is Everything. The equivalent in Used Cars is reviews, reviews, reviews. How to do you get your clients to participate without the factory giving them the "CSI" call? 

I make sure the correct email address is entered into all systems, very important and that usually starts with the salesperson or the BDC agent but I always double check for accuracy, get that part right. Do an excellent job and deliver on the experience. Talk about the CSI survey with your customer and educate them about its importance and purpose. 

Follow up with EVERY customer new or used post delivery and post follow up call which for me takes place within 72 hours. Then I will send a Thank You note, handwritten and personalized to some level. Then I will follow up with a formatted email asking for a Review which has a link they can click on making it easy for them and taking them to my page where I WANT THE REVIEW! 

If I have created a true Raving Fan Advocate, someone who immediately Likes my Fan Page and becomes a friend on Facebook I will ask for Facebook reviews, etc. etc. 

Might not be the best way to do it, but it works alright for me... 

Amanda Gordon

Scott great advice! Thank you. We typically have our clients fill out the review as they are waiting to go into finance, that way it is completely based on the sales person's performance and not the finance dept (even though they are equally awesome).  

@Amanda when the customer is filling out the review while waiting to go into finance, where are you directing them to place the review? I have never thought about doing this because I push DealerRater reviews and if they do it on our IP Address I believe we get into trouble and the reviews get banned, or at least that's what I was told!

Mark Rask

csi should directly affect the sales person and sales managers pay

mark, it does, but it shouldn't because CSI is a scam

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