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Don Willimont

What are the key elements in a successful used car operation? I have heard a wide variety of answers to this question over the years, the right sales people, strong turn policy, big selection, aggressive price model etc etc. We do not have a strong used car department and over the years in the business I have never been in a store that has a "juggernaut" of a used car department but I know they exist.

So what is the "secret sauce" in used car retailing?


Chris K Leslie

I think like any other business it really boils down to culture, leadership and defined process. Without any of those its hard to motivate people. 

Kristen Tepper

We have a client with one specific salesperson who sells about 20-50 used referral vehicles a month. The $$ motivation on both sides seems to be extremely effective for this salesperson, the referring customer and the purchasing customer.

Tom Gregg

I completely agree with Chris Leslie.  The 3 elements Chris listed are the same 3 executed at a top dealer that I worked at and currently at top dealers that are our clients today.  It's the people and the process that needed for culture, leadership and defined processes.

Mark Rask

Advertising is a huge part

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