Selling/Buying on Marketplace

Morgan Hardy

How do you respond to responses that you get on Marketplace when looking to buy or sell a vehicle? Have you noticed that if you respond as the dealership right away that it seems to scare people off?

Chris K Leslie

We use program from marketplace. They use an AI system to talk back and forth. Most people never respond anyways though. 

Bart Wilson

I know @Derrick Woolfson is doing really well on Marketplace. Let me see if I can get some input from him.

Morgan Hardy

@Bart- thanks!

Aimee Rogers

@Chris, we used to have the AI and ended up shutting the AI off.  We noticed that it would ask questions multiple times- 15 times once- and it's responses were not good.  We answer them all ourselves now.  We still use conversations for our chat tool, but without the AI.

We get really good engagement through Marketplace.  We set up a commonly asked questions and an after hours auto responder, so they know when to expect someone to reach out to them.  

We treat them as a lead, our BDC answers them. The initial contact we answer their question - usually it's "is this still available?" And we let them know who they are talking to and a direct number to call or text the BDC rep at.  Then the BDC works on getting a phone number from them.  Usually by offering to send pics or a video.  

Morgan Hardy

@Aimee-we had the same problem with them and carnow doing that. They just sent automated stuff over and over and then we'd find some th get didn't respond to at all.

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