Split deals in car sales

Fabian Caballero
Responsibility of sales person who gets the split deal
Fabian Caballero
I believe the sales person who is splitting the deal should contribute to the whole delivery and should help in the complete delivery of the car. Not just have a few papers signed and then go home and let the original sales person finish the delivery.
Grant Gooley
Every dealership is so different in how they do a "split deal". There is definitely not a standard. I really think it comes down to how close the team is as a whole...
Megan Barto
At my Hyundai store, we don't have splits. Period - never have, never will. It makes things soooooo much easier. But you have to have your *entire* management staff on board and get your salespeople to understand how it works. After that -- smooth sailing!
Mark Rask
We use our crm to make a decision on which deals to split
Megan Barto
Interesting -- a few questions. A.) which CRM do you use. B.) what metrics do you look at in the CRM when determining how a deal gets split?

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