Starting an Independent Dealership, anyone using IDMS or blackbird from Dealersocket?

Danny K

I would like to shout a big hello to the Driving Sales Community, I have lurked for over 5 years!  This community has some of the most intelligent people in our industry and i have learned a ton so Thank You! I have worked/ran a franchised dealership for almost 20 years and just decided to make the jump on my own into the independent world. my thoughts are to be a high end independent dealer that offers a different value package propostion thank any dealer in our area.  Is there anyone out there using dealersockets new independent dealer product IDMS? As well as there new CRM platform Blackbird? What are your thoughts on it? How well does IDMS integrate with Quickbooks? Or am I better off going with DMS that integrates your inventory, accounting and payroll like AutoMate? At the dealership I worked at we used Auto Soft but then again we were a full service dealership offering sales, service, parts, and bodyshop. I am currently looking at inventory/pricing tools as well, we were with Vauto but I am currently at least looking at alternatives that may be cheaper. I am definitely a Vauto fan tho. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you All!

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