Trade Laundry List

Christian Younggren

"Not Enough!" "I will sell trade myself." in this video you get one of the secrets to handling: "I want more for my trade." Trade values given by dealers have always been a source of discontent with their owners.

However today it is more important then ever to be able to overcome this common objection. Since most dealers are pricing their new and used vehicles at or below market price, they don't have the mark up to over allow on trades like they did in the past, making it imperative that a salesperson can handle this with rational, grace, and empathy.

This idea works because it walks the guest through the recondition, marketing, and detail process a dealer goes through to get a vehicle ready to go to market.

The script below and hit play to see the close in action. ...


Trade Laundry List Close

I understand where you are coming from and of course, you want to get as much as possible for the car. If you go that, route, it’s ok with me. Let me share there a few things to consider if you are trying to get top dollar for it…

             (Write out and make sure you get guest to agree with answers to questions)

1.      Repairs. You need to know what the recon items are for this to work, so please review the appraisal notes or ask SM for         recon items. The car needs $200 of paint less dent repair and four new tires that cost $600 to $800.

2.      Detail. The cleaner it looks, smells, and feels the better. What do you think is fair for washing, vacuuming, waxing and  polishing? $30.

3.      Adverting Costs. It cost $50 to $200 list your car online with Autotrader, or Ebay.

4.      Discount. If someone is searching on Autotrader or Ebay from a private party don’t you think they are looking for a bargain? Wouldn’t you expect them to want a discount? How much do you think you’d end up discounting it?

5.      Cost value of time. People will be calling, texting, emailing you at any hour of night. Showing up at your home or you will have to take time to meet at designated site. How much is that worth…$600, $400, or $200?

6.      No tax credit. A $10,000 trade value saves $500 in taxes if you are from Iowa. (10000 x .05=500)

7.      Payments. It will most likely take 60 to 90 days to sell your trade. If you have, payment of $300/mo. X 2 payments is $600 in payments for a car you don’t want anymore.

            Total: $2,780

Josh, if you’re trying to get 13,000, which would be top dollar, these are the costs it will take to get top dollar and if you trade it in today you’re effectively getting 12,780 for the car.

[Closing Transition: It seems like a lot of time and extra effort to save a couple hundred dollars, seriously now, let’s put all this shopping behind you and get you out of here so you can enjoy your new car…]

[E/Or Closing Question: Do you want a water or a Pepsi while we wrap up the paper work?]

Please let me know how you like to handle this objection? 

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