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Steve Devereaux
What sites are you advertising on and what kind of results are you getting?
Craig Waikem is now requiring dealers to pay for their used car classifieds. We opted out, anybody having good results with them?
Steve Devereaux
They just came in yesterday. I'm thinking about trying them out. What about Dealix? They own and charge by the lead. Anyone use them?
Jim Bell
We use cars, Autotrader, vehix, and Dealix. Dealix has been pretty quality as of late so I can't complain with them too much.
Steve Devereaux
How's Vehix worked for you? They don't have a lot dealers in our area. If you do a search for Chevrolet on their website, ads from Johnstown come up (about 2 hours away). Do they still charge per lead?
Jim Bell
Vehix is still a pay per lead service. We are getting 10x plus my spend so it is good in my area.

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