Used Car Descriptions

Matteo Batelli

Hi Folks,

What are you guys using used vehicle descriptions for ? I am looking for a quick solution.

Derrick Woolfson

We used vAuto in my last auto group and had great success with it. HomeNetiOL is another great tool, which has the used car descriptions. What inventory tool are you using now?

Drew Bettiol


here you go.

Mark Rask

Vauto with custom descriptions .....this is so important 

Matteo Batelli

We are using Inventory+ but descriptions are really weak. We are looking for a solution for the descriptions.

Drew Bettiol

Also, you can check out how specific vehicles that you have are being advertised on Autotrader/ That will give you a great idea on the verbiage being used. There is some good ones out there on those listings.

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