Used Car Pricing Online / Lot

Chris K Leslie

Does your online price always match your website price? 

Brian Nieves

We make an effort to ensure all used car pricing is consistent. Online, print or on the lot its the same. We don't put prices on our the vehicles on the lot, so customer either have to ask for a price or look it up on their phone. I believe having different prices on different site and on the lot loses credibility. 

Chris K Leslie

I totally agree Brian. 

Bart Wilson

In my mind, your prices must always match.  Think of your experiences with other retailers (non-automotive).  How consistent do you expect their prices to be?

Brian Nieves

Does your stores display the prices on the lot? Our used Car manager spend so much time adjusting pricing for 3rd parties, but never spend the time marketing the price on our lot. And I always said that the front of the lot is one of our best advertising sources. 

Morgan Hardy

We will have "hang tag" specials on the used lot and "manager row" specials on the new lot. Our website is usually never updated with these special prices. They also don't inform the BDC which makes it a bit difficult.

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