Used car under $5000

Is there such thing as a good used car under $5000 anymore? Are cars going to become too expensive, even used?

Derrick Woolfson

@Scott, they are sure hard to come by! And to be honest, yeah - from what I have seen most everything under or at 5k is either not state inspected or goes straight to wholesale. Not to mention, as you know, it is usually a vehicle that a lender does not want to finance due to age/mileage. That said, the buyer it usually attracts (in many cases) gets frustrated because they are wanting to finance it. I feel like the unicorn vehicle is that 9-12k car that can get financed. 

Mark Rask

They are few and far between...I will tell you that one of the most used buttons on our sites is the cars under 10k one 

Noah oscar

Still looking? I know an online store, it is Car Rental 8 Coupons, its a good store for cars rental service and they also offering cars selling or purchasing service, for me really not difficult to find out a best-used car from there. I hope it will also work for you. 


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