Used cars: what's your biggest threat?

Bart Wilson

What is stopping your dealership from killing it in used cars?  

Derrick Woolfson

Recon process! If the unit is held-up in recon, and it takes 1-2 weeks to get the car ready then it spells trouble. Turn time is crucial. That was something we struggled with, but once we created a "recon chart" we cataloged how many days it took to get the unit processed through. 

Bart Wilson

Derrick, what's your current recon time with your new process?

Mark Rask

we are doing the same thing as derrick....we try for 72 hours 

Chris Travis

My old dealership killed it but I wouldn't buy anything from them. They basically clean it up (not that great either, so many I got into that had stains on the cloth above the driver and passenger seats )and make sure it ran with little inspection. It was usually ready to go pretty quick. Where I am at now does like 131 point inspection and that is why they say they charge more but if it doesn't include a warranty built in I don't think most customers care.Rebuttal with why that dealerships are cheaper and I used to work there may get them in but its rare, usually they are just looking for cheaper option. Though I can usually put a bit of work in to find out what that warranty will run but it will be out of their price range.

Bart Wilson

Chris, that's a fine line you tread.  You can do less recon on your cars and get them out faster, but at the risk of customer reputation.  On the other hand, you can over-recon cars.

How do you determine the right mix?

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