Used vehicle reconditioning

Dennis Downer
I am wondering what the expectations are out there for reconditioning a used vehicle? 3 days, 5 days? It's sort of a process I have immersed myself in over the past year or so and have discovered that if you don't have a streamlined process and stick to it, you are fighting a very difficult battle. In my store it seems to go with the tide and changes quarterly. I would have to assume that is the biggest problem. What are some of the best practices out there?
Robert Karbaum
The ideal, and I mean IDEAL is have it inspected, detailed, photographed and profiled online within 48 hours. Very few can accomplish this.
Ron Henson
The policy I used was 3 days. The UC Dept paid door rate to the shop, but the shop understood that the UC Dept was their best and most valuable customer.
Dennis Downer
@Robert I agree, very few can accomplish it! @Ron That runs along the same goal our stores have but find it difficult to execute. Very well could come down to a teamwork thing and not necessarily the process for us. Definitely something to look forward to improving for 2015. Thank you for the feedback!
Mark Rask
3-4 days
Will Nolen

Robert,   At what point in your process are you dealing with the cosmetics issues of each car? 

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