VDP: How many CTAs should you have?

Bart Wilson

There is a fine line between not enough and too many calls to action on a VDP. What do you think the right number should be?

Usman Haq

2-3 max

Contact Us/Get More Info
Text Us

Aimee Rogers

That is a hard question to answer.  I would say 3-5.   Confirm Availability ( That is the #1 question asked),   Digital Retailing tool (start your deal),  Value your trade, Schedule Test Drive, Chat/Text

Chip Diggs

I often wonder if folks in our business look at other business to get these answers.  How many calls to action does Amazon have?  What do you want from your call to action?  Are you looking for a lead or are you looking to help the customer down the path to purchase?  For our auto group it's simple...think like a customer?  What questions do they ask when  they are in the store?  What concerns them the most?  Those are the CTA's you should have.  We found these three to get the best results:  Confirm Availability/Schedule A Test Drive/Digital Retailing Button. 

Like most dealers we have a chat/text to talk button and it is also used frequently.  Again, the most important things dealers need to do is think like a customer.  Be a customer and ask yourself what would you want to know if you were on the other side of the desk.  


Bart Wilson

@Chip, good call. I like tying the CTAs to buyer questions.

Does your Digital Retailing button say Digital Retailing or does it say something like, "Begin Your Purchase"?

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