VDP "Saves":Pricing Bucket

Sam Salem

Anyone have a way (or thoughts on how)  to correlate the amount of VDP views/saves a unit's receives (within a week); to how you adjust advertised price .  Right now I use a bucket strategy that looks roughly like:  

(MDS/work days in a week)/(Price Variation*100% of retail)

Derrick Woolfson

Sam, it would also be interesting (not sure if this is even possible) to see how many calls were a result of someone saving inventory? I say that because click to call is only on the rise, and I know first hand, (especially with Amazon) I load stuff into my cart, and then purchase it. So perhaps the customer is doing the same thing - and to your point, perhaps saving it to see whether or not the price drops. 

Bart Wilson

I love this idea!  I use the Amazon lists feature for everything.

Sam Salem

Derek not sure if I'm picking up what you're putting down. As far as when somebody saves a listing there are a few ways to evaluate that: through cargurus (public view) Cargurus Dashboard (Dealer version), and directly through your vdp feeding into your inventory management software. I guess my question specifically is whether or not there's a direct correlation between 7 saves in a day and whether or not I should hold off on adjusting price. We're pretty much automatic right now with a 30-day turn, but I'm leaving leaving a lot of gross on the table doing that. Just figured maybe someone had some personal experience using VDP likes to control their buckets.

Martins Ville

Sam, I used to see that in the back end of my CarGurus dashboard. It's not pure science however, some massively viewed vehicles still stagnated on the lot, left unsold.

Sam Salem

Thank you, unfortunately that was the answer I was expecting. How about on the other end, how do you feel about market day's supply?

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