VDP "Saves":Pricing Bucket

Sam Salem

Anyone have a way (or thoughts on how)  to correlate the amount of VDP views/saves a unit's receives (within a week); to how you adjust advertised price .  Right now I use a bucket strategy that looks roughly like:  

(MDS/work days in a week)/(Price Variation*100% of retail)

Martins Ville

You would want to quantify and juxtapose a few scenarios to find a baseline where that methodology would even be justified for pricing adjustments, IMO. Try tiny, more frequent price drops. Less is more.

Mark Rask

great idea 

Chris K Leslie

MDS only really works as long as specific vehicle demand stays the same in the market.

Sam Salem

Martins Ville, 

Absolutely, not a true science, you are absolutely correct; however, it can be used in culmination with other factors to expedite the decision making the process.  A few days saved here and there will start to add up from an opportunity cost standpoint. 

Martins Ville

It would also be nice if vauto could automate price drops. 

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