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Matteo Batelli

Hey Folks, We are taking pics by Nikon D3400 and we are not satisfied with the interior pics results. What do you guys recommend camera for taking pics without a platform.

Derrick Woolfson

We have been using an iPhone X, which has worked very well. We have service on it, but the phone stays at the store. We love it because we can easily "air drop" the videos onto the iPads, and as for loading them to the inventory tool we can easily "air drop" them or send them via email. The photo quality has been really good. 

chip alvey

We also shoot via an iPhone with a beast grip,   as well as an attached flash.  We also shoot a video of every new and used car, and users do not have to change equipment.  We upload photos via wifi, and if down, via the phone connection itself. 

Chris K Leslie

Without seeing any pics its hard to tell if its your camera or your lighting. 

Lori  Sams

We have been using Spincar for several months now.   It uses a Ricoh 360 camera and an Iphone. We have pretty good results with it. 

Ben Weaver

Another option is sticking with your Nikon D3400 and investing in a better lens, specifically one that does better in low light. A 50mm 1.8 lens is a popular choice and pretty affordable. You just can't zoom with it.

Although it’s hard to beat the quality/convenience of using a new iPhone camera.

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