Wacky Wednesday - Sourcing Cars from Service

Tim Scoutelas

I hear from a lot of dealers that it's hard to source inventory from the service lane.  One thing that worked well for me was what I called "Wacky Wednesday" 

On the 3rd Wednesday of every month I ran a mailer that coincided with a service promotion.  My favorite was the $7 wiper blade with every oil change.  What made this day so special was I only targeted owners of units I needed.  This way when I cleared my entire day to farm the service lane for inventory it was for units I needed, not just the units that happen to have an appointment that day.

What works for you?  What does not?

Bart Wilson

Tim, what filters did you use for your campaign?  I see you targeted only the cars you were looking for,  but did you filter out equity, mileage, etc?

Tim Scoutelas

I typically filtered based on need and demand.  These would be your three years and older units with limited days supply or high demand in the store or market.  I worked at a Toyota store so this would be older Tacoma's, 4Runner's, Tundra & Sequoia.  

Can you imagine walking out to a mix of 2016, 2015 & 2014 model year cars and you are the only one bidding? AWESOME!!

Bart Wilson

Great idea, Tim.  

Derrick Woolfson

Are you doing the mailers yourself? Our platform gave us the ability to print custom letters weekly for units coming into the service lane. In most cases, we called the customers ahead of time so they could expect us to appraise their vehicle. This was a very effective tool/approach to selling vehicles out of the service lane. 

Tim Scoutelas

Hey Derrick!  Wacky Wednesday was a coordinated marketing effort with the service department.  We targeted owners of inventory we needed with outrageous service specials for a 1 day only event.  I only performed appraisals on desirable inventory.  While very rare, I would skip units with excessive miles or damage.  We did not call customers ahead of time and alert them to the appraisal.  This was a one man effort.  Just not enough time and I did not want to set an expectation that we may not meet.

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