What about the tires?

Does your dealership put new tires on all used cars before they hit the lot for resale (of course unless traded with brand new tires)?

Amanda Gordon

We have an in house tire shop and if tires become a negotiation we sell them for "cost." If they are below safety spec then we most certainly change them but just like everything else on a pre-owed it's up for discussion (except for safety issues of course). 

Derrick Woolfson

I agree with @Amanda. We will change them if needed. And if it is a deal breaker then we too will sell them near or at cost to make it happen. It does amaze me, though that a customer would try and ask for brand new tires on a 2008 with a 148k miles on it...especially given that those tires had already been replaced. 

I had one sales manager that believed every used car should get a new set of rubber.

Derrick Woolfson

@Scott, oh wow! I would be like, hey man if you want that to come out of your check so be it. But, uh - yeah that is not going to happen! 

@Derrick, I could see his point and then again he has been with the same dealer for 48 years now, started right out of high school and things have definitely changed. 

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