What percent of your used inventory are trades?

Bart Wilson

How much of your used car stock is trades vs. auctions, etc? Is this number increasing or decreasing?

Chris K Leslie

I would say 60% of our inventory is trades. Auctions seem to be real crazy right now. 

Morgan Hardy

Mostly trades. Used car inventory is low overall. A lot of trades lately have been "lemons" so have been going straight to auction. 

Casimiro (Casey) Garza

Not totally sure, but if I had to guess....damn near all of are trades.  Do not like it, hard to find good used Program Certified Cars to switch from a new car customer that you just can't get him done on a new one.  We also as a result, garner those weak credit customer that we manage to get done, with sometimes fees to pay and issues with the vehicle when they come back with issues.  Does the profits (net) justify this direction, do not know, not privy to that information and doubtful if ever analyzed.

Bart Wilson

What are your plans to normalize your inventory? It seems like those program cars are a must.

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