What will make your life easier when bidding on used cars online?

Idan J

Hi all,

We are a small team of software developers, looking to improve the process of purchasing used cars in online auctions (copart, manheim etc)

Do you guys feel there’s even a need for such a tool? We’d hate to build something nobody will use :-).

If you think that such a tool is needed, what do you think it should offer?

Some examples –

-          View the car’s appraisal value

-          View history of similar cars sold on auctions

-          View history of this specific vehicle

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Ricky Patrick

All of those features are already included on almost every inventory management tool I've used. I would take a look at vAuto to see if you guys can improve on the industry leader.

Idan J

Thanks for the input Ricky!

vAuto is definitely an amazing tool. We were looking to build something for customers with lower budgets who can't afford vAuto (we're aiminig at the $50-$100/month price range for our product).



Idan J

I wish we could do it, but CDK is way too complicated for us to "target".

We are a small team with a small budget that prefer to focus on a small, niche solution for customers who can't afford the more expensive tools..

Mark Rask

v auto has a great option for that 

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