Why Are There So Many DIY'ers In Used Car Industry?

Oliver Malcom
I have been in so many lines of work and every time I see a DIY'er I run the other way. You just can't wear all the hats at one time, especially in the car business. There is advertising, accounting, customer service, selling the dang cars which should be the ultimate goal for you guys. Yet, as I call the patent answer you have to talk to Mr. Owner. Is the response. Well, He/She is on vacation and blah blah blah, aka we are lost as employees and powerless. Delegate you guys then hold people responsible. Empowering an employee is like saying I believe in more than my own big head to do things. We might do better if I focus on just what I'm good at, should be on your mind as a leader. Stop being a dictator and be an innovator of your industry, or you will be likened to the dinosaur but with a bunch of antiques sitting on your lot. Just something the think about, what's your thoughts as a manager or owner? I'd love to hear them.olm
Jillian Marchewka
This is how our dealership group runs... It is what happens when you have a micromanaging owner who likes to also take lots of time off. We'd like to be able to get more stuff done and make decisions, but we can for fear of backlash. As my dad tells me, "As an employee, you can't bite the hand that feeds you."
Oliver Malcom
Fear Thanks Jillian for your honesty. I wouldn't bite the hand mind you, but a gentle tug to new heights-maybe.olm
Lauren Moses
We thankfully aren't micromanaged. Though we are held accountable for things that need to be done and don't get done. I know more about the multiple hats than I care to at this point. I'm treading water to keep up right now and seem to never have enough hours in the day. I more or less have to micromanage myself to make sure that everything is taken care of on my part.
Oliver Malcom
Excellent Lauren YOU hold yourself accountable for your work. AKA Taking Pride and Ownership of your decisions, prioritizing. Right on.olm
Lauren Moses
Ha I try...I don't always succeed. Though sometimes we do need a time period to let our brains shut off. I work 24/7 and not just at my job. So I have to stay organized and multitask like crazy. My life saver is my day planner. If I didn't have it I would forget what all I need to get done for the day.

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